Storage Services in Nacala

Nacala, also known as Nacala-Porto, is the site of Mozambique’s deepest natural port and one of the three cement works in Mozambique. The city plays an important role for the industry of the entire country, as it is the location of huge construction materials companies and also a transportation hub in the North of Mozambique. Besides the port, the city is also the terminal of Nacala railway, which connects to the Central East African Railway. The existence of all these forwarding means in Nacala makes possible the export of Mozambique’s coal resources across the globe and this has attracted a number of investors from around the world. For this reason, there is a great need for reliable warehousing services and storage solutions in the area. OSS Mozambique has placed one of its subsidiaries in this region, so you can always find a customized warehousing solutions to meet your needs.

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