Professional property services across Mozambique

Whether you are looking for large warehouses for your business or an office building for your company, OSS Mozambique has exactly what you need. Our services include various warehousing and office solutions in locations such as Tete, Pemba, Nacala, Palma and Maputo. These are some of the most important industrial regions in Mozambique, so there is a great need for commercial storage services for companies operating in the field of coal mining, oil and gas extraction or freight forwarding.

We have sites in Tete, Pemba and Nacala and all of our facilities are built to rigorous South African standards. This proves we value the safety of our employees, customers and inventories. Our warehouse sizes vary between 300 m2 to 600m2, but we are also to provide customized solutions for our clients according to their needs. The company incorporated in 2011, and during its five years of existence it has successfully built and delivered custom made storage units and testing laboratories for a number of blue chip companies in Mozambique. OSS Mozambique is striving to establish long-term relationships with clients operating across the country, in order to support sustainable development and local growth.